Kemifer Corporation is the leasing company for a two story office building that was completed in 2015 in downtown Montgomery, Texas. We currently have professional office and retail space available. For more information, contact info@kemifer.com.

The Kemifer building is located in the heart of historic downtown area of Montgomery, Texas, home of the Texas Flag. Located next to the old Community Center and near the historic Davis homestead and right across from the Old Goat well, it is ideally situated for many types of businesses. The downstairs spaces are primarily for retail businesses with the upstairs geared for office spaces for professionals.

The building features covered parking and a beautiful 1800s architectural style. The center of the building contains a beautiful atrium with trees and a Koi pond under the stairs. Check out our pictures!

There are several excellent restaurants within walking distance and plenty of boutiques and antique shops to visit while you are here!